A Complete Guide to Jewelry Styling

We are often left confused when it comes to deciding what jewelry to wear with an outfit. You might have many pieces of jewelry but if you don’t know how to style them, then nothing’s sadder than that because a piece of luxe jewelry from a brand like Karana Jewels has the power to alter the definition of your outfit.

An outfit is never complete with a fine piece of jewelry. And we are here to guide you on how to make it look classy, accessible, and unique to your identity. As someone rightly said that the right piece of jewelry lets any woman conquer her dreams while she leaves an impact wherever she goes. Though choosing the right jewelry can be a little overwhelming but fret not, we’ve got your back! 

At Karana Jewels, we have a vision of making every woman feel the bliss of looking like the goddess that she is. From bracelets to necklaces, rings to earrings, all our products are unique, classy yet contemporary making them a perfect choice to be adorned with both western and ethnic wear. Using state-of-the-art technologies, we create versatile and classy jewelry pieces that are made with precision and utmost care to suit the taste palette of every woman. 

The first step to make sure that you look your absolute best is to know what occasion are you planning your outfit for? Is there any dress code for it? Is the event indoors or outdoors? What time of the day is it happening? Is it a professional or a casual get-together? What’s the weather like during that time?

When you have answers to all these questions, we can move to the next step, which is to decide what will you be wearing for that particular occasion. While you are selecting your outfit, make sure you are keeping all the above points in mind. They might not seem necessary right now, but when you might be feeling like the odd one out, that’s when you’ll remember what we advised. 

Now that you have selected your outfit, the best part to decide which accessories will go with it comes into play. Make sure that your accessories complement your outfit, and don’t overdo it by putting on every piece of jewelry you own. Every piece of jewelry is designed to complement a unique style, for example, when necklaces are paired according to the neckline, then it can dazzle up your whole look. Pair a set of pearl earrings and a bracelet from the extensive collection of Karana Jewels for a corporate event and you are all set to go. And if you are a bride, then go ahead and pair our most beautiful necklace that complements your engagement ring and your ethereal wedding outfit. Make sure that every element in your entire look resonates with the other and compliments your personality.


Now that you have a guide to help you look amazing, make sure you check out and shop from Karna Jewels which is a one-stop solution for all your jewelry needs. We promise to make you look beautiful and fall in love with yourselves all over again because a woman who loves herself makes everyone feel loved!

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