When it comes to Investing in Precious Stones(minerals), gold and silver are the first things that come to mind. That is the reason for Indian households to invest in heavy jewelry for every special occasion, and not many families Buy Gemstones

But do you know that gemstones are an essential aspect of central banks? Big investors are much likelier to invest in gemstones, and they are also traded in world exchanges. If you don't know about all this yet, don't worry. We have a Gemstone Guide for you. 

The investment in gemstones is prominent because of the following reasons. 

Stability: Gemstones are stable, and it is impossible to discard and diminish them, and that is why they hold their value even in turbulent situations. 

Long Term Independent Value: They are independent of economic situations and protect the owner from government interventions. Gems are also independent of the currency and capital values of companies. 

Liquidity: Precious stones can be redeemed whenever needed, and it gives an assurance that you will get returns at all times.

Here are FIVE gemstones that are best to invest in. 



A fine ruby is the rarest in all colored gems. They are the best gems for investment options. Unbeaten, Burma's rubies of large size can be worth $300,000 - 400,000 per carat in auctions. 

The vivid red color of ruby is compared with the pigeon's blood, and the colors matter more in the ruby than its clarity. 

Burma's rubies are the most valuable gems by far. But the value of fine unbeaten rubies from Madagascar, Tanzania, and Mozambique is continuously increasing. 



Blue Sapphires are the second most expensive colored gem. The most costly Sapphire comes from Kashmir, India. However, now the material has been mined from the past 100 years.



Untreated emeralds are investment-worthy. The Emerald has been in turmoil because of artificial raisin treatment. 

Colombian Emeralds are the most expensive Emerald, and the second most costly Emerald is from Brazil.



It is a relatively new gem for investment. The most expensive colors in Spinel's gems are red, hot pink, and orange. Spinel's are untreated, and Burmese Spinel's and Mahenge Spinals are best to invest in.

The rise in the Spinel value became significant in the last five years only. 


Tsavorite Garnet

It is a green gemstone from West Africa, and it gives high competition to emeralds as it is always untreated. A Garnet has more brilliance than Emerald as it has a higher refractive index. 

Garnet from adobe 2 carats is rare. Fine stones of 4 carats are scarce. 


Pink Diamond

In 2020, pink diamonds were the number 1 investment option. In the past ten years, the prices of pink diamonds have been steadily growing. 

It represents beauty and romance and is currently famous among celebrities. 

It is a type of natural diamond, and they are very exclusive. 

A pink diamond can cost not 2 to 3, which is 20 times higher than your regular diamond. 



They are semi-precious gemstones that come in multiple colors. The green tourmaline is used in spiritual therapies, making its value increase every day in current times.

The Paraiba Tourmaline is the rarest type and the most famous. It contains copper and has a distinctive green color that attracts buyers. 

Blue Tourmaline is also among the rarest types of gemstones in the Tourmaline family of gemstones. 


Look beyond cut-in gemstones.

Rough gemstones, mineral specimens, and finished jewelry all hold investment potential. You do not have to be limited to the cut when looking for gems. 


One-of-a-kind gemstones

Rare gemstones are one of a kind. They are famous for Unique Engagement rings, and their rarity makes them more expensive. The lab-grown rocks can be easily acquired, which makes the rarity characteristic more valuable. 

Like other investment assets, gemstones also require knowing the risks and your profit goal. 

You need to figure out the time horizon on investment and how much money is required to get started. Basic principles of investment should be clear before anything else.  

The supply and demand chain affects the prices of these gemstones, and it will affect your profit and your loss as well. Thus you have to have a thorough knowledge of the ongoing conditions of the supply chain. 

Gemstones are a good investment, and that is why it is a good idea to invest in your Gemstones Collection. But you should make an informed decision. We recommend you to do your study thoroughly before investing. 


Disclaimer: This document is not an investment guide, and you must consult professionals before any investment is made. 

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