A lot of us think that Jewelry is limited to festivals like Diwali and Dhanteras. Don’t worry you have not missed your chance of buying some bling for you if you could not buy it This Festive Season. We believe that jewelry belongs to every special and common season, as you like it.

Christmas and New Year are around the corner. Days are getting colder and shorter, and we can't wait to plan the fall parties.

But the most confusing part is selecting Party Jewelry Sets for the fall parties.

In most situations, choosing the right accessories is a matter of finding a piece you love and matching it with an outfit. But for fall, we can't be choosy with outfits. We need to keep warm and choose our clothes according to the season. It can be confusing to select New Year jewelry with such limitations.

 It's alright. We got your back. We bring you the best five pieces for the fall 2021.

 Our first suggestion piece for fall is


Blue Birthstone Tanzanite Earrings For Women

Studded earpieces like this one with your favorite gemstone will be perfect Happy new year earrings.

Contemporary earrings like this will neither get tangled in your open hair nor in the sweater. This will bring the bling needed in your subtle party look.

 FACT:  The Tanzanite stone originally has a reddish brown color. The blue-violet color appears only after the heating treatment.



Unique Birthday Gift Jewelry Necklace For Women

Necklaces and pendants are not limited to wedding party.

Pendants are classic for fall. Wear it with a cozy turtleneck, round neckline, or with a V neckline sweater. A pendant goes with all the classy sweaters of early fall. Pendants are fine party jewelry for New Year and Christmas Parties. You can even gift such party jewelries to your friends and family this fall.


Dainty Ring Perfect Engagement Ring For Girls

Even though rings are a must have for all year, its value especially increases during fall because hands are one of the very few parts of the body which we can’t keep hiding 24/7 in the winters.  You must consider adding a ring in your party outfit for the upcoming fall party season. The rings for parties could also be worn in day-to-day life if it goes with your statement.


Evil Eye Pendant Jewelry For Women

No! We do not mean to disrespect heavy or statement jewelries.

We are just emphasizing the beauty of minimalism. It is quite common to get mesmerized by the bling of your favorite pieces and end up looking like a Christmas tree.

In the festive season it becomes more important to focus on the right pieces, because you might end up cluttering yourself and that's not what we want.


Cute Red Gemstone Earring Stud For Women

Helix earring is worn on the upper cartilage of your ear. A double or triple helix piercing is pretty common in India. Most of the Party Jewelry companies do not realize it, but helix earrings have been a part of Indian jewelry collection since forever.

A helix earring is not only a stud earing. You can try hoops, ear cuffs and hanging ear pieces as well. These Statement Jewelry will surely get you a hit in any party.

FACT: Earrings can be worn in 9 parts of your ear.

These jewelry suggestions can also be a perfect gift even as a Bridal Party Jewelry Gift. These can also be used as a Party Favor Jewelry or souvenirs.

Remember that at the end of the day, you are wearing it because you want to. A little guidance and you can choose the best Party Wear Jewelry for yourself. Trust your judgement and you are all set to celebrate Christmas and New year.



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